Text Wielder

Text Wielder is a native Mac OS X program that will let you do things such as search for text on your favorite search engine, check a stock quote, track a mail package, or clean up those messy email quotes all without ever leaving the application your in!

How does it work? Text Wielder takes advantage of a Mac OS X feature called services. Services allow you to select text in any services-enabled application(e.g. Mail, Stickies, OmniWeb, TextEdit) and send it to another application, like Text Wielder, for processing. Text Wielder knows how to use the text you provide to it to do things like opening your browser and getting a map for a zipcode or looking up a word on an online dictionary. Text Wielder can also modify and return the text you send it which means you can do things like re-wrapping paragraphs.

Text Wielder is powerful and extensible. If the 120+ services included with Text Wielder are not enough then you can define your own services and easily add them to the service menu. You can also share services with other users.

Text Wielder uses SFRL(Simple Find and Replace Language), a new technology made specifically for Text Wielder. With the power of regular expressions and JSPs there is virtually no limit to what you can do with Text Wielder.

Included Services/Scripts
Text Wielder comes with more than 120 "scripts". Scripts are files that define a service and can also be used in the built in text editor. Here is a list of what just a few of the scripts that are included can do:

    Search at Google.com
    Search for a Movie Trailer
    Search Song Lyrics
    Get a Map for a Zipcode or City
    Track a Fedex/UPS/USPS Package
    Lookup a Stock Quote
    Execute a Unix command
    Convert to Smart Quotes
    Convert Line Endings(Mac, UNIX, Win)
    Generate an HTML Gradient

Here is a screenshot of Text Wielder and a screenshot of the Text Wielder service menu.

Click here to see Text Wielder help documents.

Mac OS 10.2 or higher.

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