CommonGround Softworks Inc. - Introduction

Welcome to the Osmosis-Helix Link Introduction

This site has been designed to allow you, the web user, to enter and query data directly from a running Helix® data base. We call this database Helix Search.

When you enter or query data, your request is passed off to Osmosis, a common gateway interface (cgi). Osmosis communicates with Helix. When Helix finishes processing the request, Osmosis receives the data and sends it back to you via the web server.

Our first data base is quite simple, but long overdue in the Helix community. We want to compile a list of bugs, features, solutions and questions concerning Helix. We want to enable users to search for specific topic(s) and get answers as well as encourage users to post techniques and approches employed that may have a wider application in the Helix community.

October 1998 - We have started adding some items specific to interactions between Osmosis and Helix

August 13, 1998 - Our Helix tips and tricks database is back in action after our upgrade to Webstar 3.0.1

July 1, 1998 - Our Helix tips and tricks database is back up and running under Osmosis version 3.0.2.

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